Dpassion with a simple idea in mind : bring durable , comfortable ,and fashionable athletic wear to every size.

With that vision in mind, I personally curate a collection of quality athletic wear to every season. From our breathable and soft fabric. I want to bring you clothing you can’t wait to put on.

The joy of movement isn’t just for bodies in magazines. I believe that everyone should feel confident in workout clothes. I want you to shop you at Dpassion knowing that you’ll find apparel that fits the feel great.



We help you to choose the best fabric
Dpassion has a wide range of fabrics in casual, and sportswear ranging from cotton, polyester that suit the requirement of every individual. We create sweat absorbent outfits so that you have a concentrated mind set while initiating those fitness moves.

A good quality fabric can keep away sweating, odor, and unwanted rashes from your body. Dpassion manufactures breathable sports clothing made up of spandex, polypropylene, wool and polyester blend. Winter sports activity needs you to be warm and sweat free. Henceforth, we create special winter based sportswear that are breathable and evaporate sweat immediately. Even if you are involved in heavy workout and don’t get enough time to wipe up your body, our skin friendly range of Athletic wear would spontaneously take care of you.

Why Dpassion?

You tend to feel at your best when the carried outfit is up to the mark. For instance, you cannot expect yourself to jog or Run while wearing a normal leather shoe. Similarly, wearing sports clothes is highly important if you wish to make physical activities easier for yourself.

We keep your budget intact and make sure that our high quality products and minimal profit margins provide you a reason to come back to us every time. 

Sports wear
sports activities like Gym, yoga and running require you to remain agile and comfortable all the time. Henceforth, we design dresses accordingly so that you remain absolutely fine. Our elastic stretch fabric helps you in gym workout and cycling. Our high quality fabric remains intact even after extreme exposures. rough surfaces like Rock or Ice can never harm the functionality and durability of our fabrics.

Wear what moves you.




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